How to Uninstall & Clean-up Failed Driver & Program? (GeoVision)

Close all open programs.
Close All windows programs include Multicam Software.

If you already enable RPB server before, please exit and close this program, too. If you don't know what it is or didn't enable this feature before, just Close all program and back to deskop. That will be fine.

Also, DO NOT Reboot PC until the instruction say so.

Go Start -> Programs -> Multicam -> Uninstall Multicam GV... software...

Uninstall Multicam software first.

After Finish uninstall multicam program.

goto My Computer and goto C Drive

Delete C:\Mulitcam folder

(* Important Notice *)
If you don't know how to operate Windows, we STRONGLY suggest find a technician to help you with this.

If you record your video in the C: drive, by delete your Multicam folder. Your Video file will be lost, too.

If your record video files is located on different partition (not on the C), then you don't need to warry about your file lost.

Delete Capture Card Driver from the Windows Device Manager.

This section is base on the WindowsXP system.

Goto Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
-> System

System Properties will be open.

Select Hardware tab on the top.

Select Device Manager

Device Manager

Please choose
Sound, video and game controllers

click the little + sign on the left, to expand the detail.

Find out all GV......Video Capture Driver #A-#D and GV........Audio capture drivers #A-#D
sometime, you might have more than one driver.

and, Delete all the GV..... drivers

Highlight these driver and press DEL key from the keyboard

After finish delete driver...., please close device manager.

Go Start -> Run -> type CMD

click OK

Now, we are going to Delete Windows INF driver.


type CD INF



type DEL OEM*.* /F

After delete command, your INF driver will be erase.

Reference: (for experience user only)
If you want to remove the system driver, please delete these files, too
C:\windows\system32\drivers\AGV.sys and

Remove previous Multicam system configuration setting

Notice: )
If you want to keep the multicam setting, you might skip this section.

Go Start -> Run -> type CMD

click OK



Now, please shutdown your PC.

You can turn ON and reinstall capture card driver and software

or just unplug capture card by your command.

If you have more questions, please contact us. We like to help.

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