How To Setup Network On Mini DVR

Problem: Setup network on mini-DVR
1) Move mouse cursor and click the setting button.
2) There is no password for the default login. Then Enter to login.
3) Click External Device.
4) Click TCP/IP Setup.
5) Click IP Setup.
6) Type in port number, IP address for this DVR, router gateway address, network subnet. After inputting all the information, click ESC to go back.

(Note: Copy down the MAC Address and IP Port for future use)
7) Go to to register your IP address
8) Fill the information and click confirm.
9) Login here
10) Click on "DVR Add"
11) Fill up your DVR's information.

(Note: Fill the MAC Address and IP Port with the one we copied down before, check step 6 for detail)

IP Address is your WAN IP address.

Then, click Confirm.

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