How To Change PTZ Address

How To Change PTZ Address - Worldeyecam
Uncover the dome shape glass on the top of camera, then place the camera vertically to the center part of camera out.
Follow the instruction label inside the case of the camera, push the center part of the camera then twist it to left to open.
For the setting of Address Select switch, it is used to set address of the PTZ camera from 1- 1023. The coding switches from DIP-10 to DIP-1 are equivalent to a 10-bit binary digital. The state "ON" of each bit means 1 while "OFF" means 0. For this example, we are using address 1 for this PTZ camera 1, i will set DIP-1 to ON, and the rest of them are OFF.
This table shows states of coding switches of some addresses.

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