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Henderson, NV

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Henderson, NV

Video Surveillance Systems in Henderson, Nevada

WorldEyeCam offers quality video surveillance systems at an affordable price in Henderson, Nevada. Please call us today at 1-888-211-2288 for more information on how to get your surveillance system project started in Henderson.

For our Henderson customers we offer a full line of DVRs, NVRs and CCTV security camera products at affordable pricing from a trusted veteran of the security world. We offer free cost analysis to find you the best option for your budget. Our support team is here to help with any technical questions you have about your security camera systems. We are your one stop shop for advice, sales reinforcement and technical support.

Our large selection of surveillance equipment ensures you will find the products you need to keep your home or business safe. WorldEyeCam is not just a retail store, we also have years of experience in security camera installation so we can make the most informed recommendations about what security system is right for you. We stand behind our products 100% and we will stay with you for the long haul to keep you, the customer, happy.

Henderson is a city in Clark County, Nevada. It is located in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area and is the second most populous city in the state. The current estimated population is 257,729. Henderson was founded in the 1940s when the Basic Magnesium Plant was built to supply magnesium to the US War Department during World War II. After the war, the town’s population began to dwindle when the plant was closed. The Nevada Legislature voted to save the city by purchasing land from the federal government. The population and economy began to improve and in 1953 Henderson was officially incorporated as a city. The city’s early economy was largely based on manufacturing but after the PEPCON disaster, in which a fire and explosion caused millions of dollars of damage, the city shifted to a residential and commercial community. The largest employers in the city today are the city government and various hotels and casinos. Henderson has many resorts, shopping centers and parks.

Henderson enjoys a very low crime rate. In 2014 the FBI Uniform Crime Report named Henderson as one of the 10 safest cities in the United States. The chance of becoming a victim of crime in the city is just 1 in 46. The violent crime rate is about one third of the state average. The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Henderson is 1 in 665. Property crime rates are also below the state average. The chance of becoming a victim of a crime such as theft or burglary is 1 in 49. These low crime rates can be attributed to a commitment from local law enforcement and residents to protect homes and businesses and maintain a safe environment. Surveillance systems are used at local resorts and retail stores to prevent crime and to help identify potential criminals. Properties with surveillance systems are known to experience less crime than those without and they help to maintain a safe environment.

We also provide products and services to cities near Henderson including: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City and Kingman.

Henderson City Hall
240 S Water St
Henderson, NV 89015

Henderson Chamber of Commerce
590 S Boulder Hwy
Henderson, NV 89015

Sunset Station
1301 W Sunset Rd
Henderson, NV 89014

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