Halloween 2013 IP Camera Sale!

Weather-resistant Cameras Provide Year-round Protection

Our outdoor weather-resistant cameras feature at least an IP66 weather rating. The IP (ingress protection) rating is a standard rating of protection offered by a camera’s enclosure. Our outdoor cameras are built to keep out small particles such as dust, and are unaffected by a range of weather conditions including heavy rain and snow.

Vandal-resistant Cameras Withstand the Harshest Treatment

Our vandal-resistant security cameras are specially designed for use in locations that are prone to abuse, vandalism or other rough treatment. The camera housing is constructed from special materials to provide protection from impacts that would disable a conventional camera. These cameras also feature a cable concealed bracket which prevents the cable from being cut or tampered with.

High-resolution Cameras Provide Better Image Quality

Our cameras feature 600 TV lines of resolution to deliver crisper, more detailed color images than conventional analog cameras which only offer 420/540 TVL resolution. In black and white mode, the cameras offer 650 TVL resolution for exceptional nighttime image clarity.

True Day/Night for Round-the-Clock Surveillance

Our day/night cameras with true day/night (ICR) deliver a sharp image in low light and nighttime conditions. An IR cut filter blocks out infrared light to produce true-to-life color images during the daytime. In low light conditions and at night, the filter is removed, letting infrared light pass through to provide crisp, well-defined black and white images.

Motion Detection Recording Saves Hard Drive Space

Pre-define zones within the area covered by each camera so that the DVR only starts recording when motion is detected within the zone. This saves hard drive space and reduces the amount of video recorded, making it easier to find the video you need if there is an event. This feature also enables you to get alerted by alarm and email when there is an incident, with the option to choose between a text email or a short video clip of the event.

Automated Email Alerts Keep You Informed

The DVR will automatically send an email alert with a text notification or a short video clip when an event triggered by motion has occurred. This provides a record of the event and enables you quickly to take action when an incident occurs.

H.264 Video Compression Reduces Storage Requirements

H.264 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising image quality (compared to other compression standards such as M-JPEG and MPEG-4). H.264 is a stable, proven compression technology, which offers unbeatable recording picture quality while at the same time saving you valuable hard drive storage space.

Free iOS/Android App Allows Easy Remote Viewing

Enjoy convenient remote access from your iOS or Android mobile device with a FREE downloadable app. You can monitor your security system from anywhere — at any time.

Privacy Zone Masking Keeps Sensitive Areas Hidden

This feature enables you to set zones for select areas within the camera’s field of view, that need to be excluded when viewing and recording video. These areas are overlaid with a privacy mask so that video of the specified zones cannot be viewed or recorded.

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