GeoVision LIVE Video Notifications

Version 8.5.5 of the GeoVision software introduced a new feature that truly brings your DVR into the 21st Century. Instead of simply emailing you a small jpeg image of a motion event, the GeoVision system can now send you a full motion video clip of any motion event detected from any camera. All you need is a free Skype account, the free Skype application running on your DVR, and the free Skype smartphone app on your iOS or Android device.



  • Make sure you're running version 8.5.5. The latest version of the software is available in our download section.
  • Within the GeoVision Main System software installer, install the "GV-Skype Video Utility".
  • You will need two Skype accounts for the video notifications to work. Create a specific Skype account just for your DVR system and then add your normal Skype account to its contact list.
  • Make sure Skype is running on the DVR system, and then start the GeoVision Main System and the GV-Skype Video Utility.
  • Locate the GV-Skype Video Utility in your taskbar, right click the icon, and go into the Settings.
  • Select the cameras you want to send video notifications from and in each menu specify what Skype account will receive the notifications.

    When the camera specified in the utility notices a motion event, the account you specified will receive a Skype Video Call from your GeoVision system and you will see the motion event the camera just witnessed.

    GeoVision LIVE Video Notification works on all GeoVision DVRs, NVRs, and IP Cameras connected to the GeoVision Main System software.

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