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Geovision Keylock Guide


The GeoVision Key Lock Utility is a feature of GeoVision to avoid accidental and deliberate misuse of the system.

There are 5 icons along the bottom of the screen.

1 2 3 4 5





From this icon you can launch all GeoVision and user specified applications

From here you can disable Key Lock & add programs to the Application List

From this icon you can logout of the GeoVision system

Shut Down
From this icon you can shut down the GeoVision system

Task Manager
From here you can view all open applications and switch between them

Disabling Key Lock Utility

You may want to disable the Key Lock Utility to access the Windows Desktop Interface, for network configuration etc.

To Disable the Key Lock Utility please follow these instructions:

1. Click on the Settings Icon
2. Enter Supervisor ID and Password, Click OK
3. Change Desktop Type to Windows from Multicam

4. Click on OK
5. Click on the Logout icon
6. Enter Supervisor ID and Password, Click OK
7. Logon to Windows with your Windows Username and Password
8. The Key Lock Utility is now disabled.

Starting the Key Lock Utility

Follow the instructions below to start the Key Lock Utility

1. Go to START>Programs>GVxxx>Key Lock Utility

2. Click on the Settings icon
3. Enter Supervisor ID and Password, Click OK
4. Make sure Desktop Type is set to Multicam
5. Click OK

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