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Direct UPS

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Our products are distributed throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.  We have over twenty years of experience in manufacturing of certified ISO 9001 UPS. We focus primarily on OEM and ODM for the customers.  We proudly share with you that currently we OEM for two of the biggest UPS companies in the world.  We manufacture UPS which sizes ranging from 400va to 6000va. Our products are shipped directly from our factories overseas to give you the best prices and services available.

We ensure our customers gain the best quality, excellent price and 100% customer satisfaction service. If you have any questions regarding our products, please visit our website or email us at
sales@directups.com. We will reply to your questions ASAP.   

In addition to OEM or ODM, we also collaborate with companies to become our strategic partner or distributors of our products.  Here are some reasons why we should become your strategic partner:  

A. Networking: direct deal with ISO 9001 UPS manufacture.
B. Flexible RMA Policy:
C. Unbeatable price.
D. Wonderful marketing program such as spiffs, MDF etc.
E. Marketing support
F. Product price protection
G. Product rotation
H. Exclusive product in the market, if qualify.
I. Excellent quality:  RMA less than 1%

If you would like to become one of our strategic partner, distributors, please do not hesitate to contact our 45 representatives in the USA or Canada or Please email us as well.  Currently, we network with many Intel & Microsoft. Avaya distributors such as;  Neweggs/ABS Inc, PC Club, Agama system, Elite technology, Eastern Data, A plus Open, PI Manufacture, Cable wholesale, Microtech computer Inc.   We also have strategic partnerships with Security distributors such as;  ADI, VSS, Alarmax, North technology, Alarm Deport, Alarm CCTV, Eastern Distributing etc.

XP400 Super UPS 400VA / 200W 6 Outlet Surge Protector
Quick View
Product #: 42366
$122.50 $73.50
VP600 Vesta Pro 600VA / 360W Uninterruptible Power Supply
Quick View
Product #: 42358
$172.50 $103.50
DP600 Direct UPS BACK UP, 200 W, 600VA
Quick View
Product #: 70815
$200.82 $117.15
VP800 Vesta Pro 800VA / 480W Uninterruptible Power Supply
Quick View
Product #: 42364
$222.50 $133.50
VP1000 Vesta Pro 1000VA / 600W Uninterruptible Power Supply
Quick View
Product #: 42360
$322.50 $193.50
VP1400 Vesta Pro 1400VA / 840W Uninterruptible Power Supply
Quick View
Product #: 42362
$462.50 $406.00
VP2000 Vesta Pro 2000VA / 1080W Uninterruptible Power Supply
Quick View
Product #: 42363
$687.50 $412.50
Quick View
Product #: 83533
$976.58 $616.79
JPX1500VARM Direct UPS Jupiter Smart X 1.5kva Pure Sinewave/Combo With Kit
Quick View
Product #: 60033
$2,704.77 $1,577.78