CML4-MI Computar 1/3" 4mm f1.2 Monofocal Manual Iris CS-Mount Lens
CML4-MI Computar 1/3" 4mm f1.2 Monofocal Manual Iris CS-Mount Lens. Max. Aperture Ratio - 1:1.2. Max. Image Format - 4.8mm x 3.6mm(6mm). Operating Temperature - -20C - +50C. Flange Back Length - 12.5mm. Mount - CS-Mount. Dimensions - 32mm x 39.8mm x 33mm. Weight - 38g. CBC AMERICAS Corp. is part of a multi-billion dollar global network of Import Export, Trading and Distribution companies strategically located throughout the world. Our main areas of business are importation and distribution of, CCTV Security Products, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and Commercial Flooring. CBC recognizes that its greatest asset is its people. We are always seeking to recruit and retain qualified professionals to help us better serve our customers. If you are interested in a career with CBC AMERICAS Corp. we invite you to search for an available position in your field. CBC INGS AMERICA Inc. is a CBC Group Company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. We manufacture plastic molded and metal coated automotive parts for the North American automotive industry.


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