BX2CA-600GB BX2 Continuous Archive
BX2CA-600GB BX2 Continuous Archive. The Dedicated Micros BX2CA-600 16-channel DVR has all the features of a standard BX2 unit plus a hot swappable drive system that can be configured for hard drive mirroring. This means that should any of the four drives fail, all of its data is saved on another drive, making this DVR an indispensable tool for high level security applications that cannot afford the risk of losing any information. Dedicated Micros designed this DVR to provide fail-safe operation for high level security applications that cannot risk losing any information. To this end, they supplied this unit with four hot-swappable 300GB hard drives. Two of its four drives can be configured for RAID 1 operation, mirroring the contents of the other two drives. This fault-tolerant method means that should any one of the four drives fail, its contents are saved on another drive. By using hot-swappable drives instead of fixed storage, there's no need to ever delete or overwrite any video material. When a drive becomes full, simply remove it from its caddy and replace it with a fresh IDE drive. This is an important feature for applications requiring footage to be stored for long periods of time. Video stored on a removable drive can also be viewed on a PC using DM's optional USB viewer (Part# USBVIEWER). Images from all 16 cameras can be accessed for recording, viewing, playback and archiving simultaneously by local and network users with no degradation in image quality or performance. In addition to its large internal storage capacity, this DVR features a built-in CD burner to facilitate the quick retrieval and transfer of critical event footage or archived material.


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