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Analog DVRs versus IP Camera NVRs

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Advantages of an Analog System

Advantages of an IP System

Easy to setup: Analog camera systems are truly plug-and-play. Just plug in the cameras, give them power, and you're good to go and protected.

Low cost: Generally standalone DVRs and analog cameras are much more affordable than their IP counterparts.

Mac & PC Compatible: Standalone DVRs run on a Linux-based operating system and provide viewing compatibility on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Compact size: Analog DVRs generally do not take up much shelf space compared to IP camera NVRs. A stand-alone DVR occupies less shelf space while performing similar functions.

Runs on standard Coax: Analog cameras use standard coax cable connections, similar to what your cable box uses.

High definition: Event the lowest resolution IP camera displays twice the resolution of a traditional analog camera. This gives you the clearest picture possible with the most detail.

More storage: As IP NVRs are PC-based, you will have room for more storage space. More storage means that the NVR will be able to record much longer before it begins to over-write recordings.

Expandability: Where a standalone analog DVR is limited by the number of camera inputs it has, a NVR can run anywhere from 1 to 32 IP cameras depending on the CPU chosen for the system.

Runs on Cat5 cable: IP cameras use the same high-speed networking cable that your internet does.

Disadvantages of an Analog System

Disadvantages of an IP System

Standard definition: Analog cameras were designed to be viewed on standard-definiton displays, so even the highest resol

Limited expandability: A standalone analog DVR is limited by the number of inputs on the device. If you plan on adding more cameras in the future, that's something to think about when selecting your DVR.

Cost: IP Cameras and NVRs are generally more expensive than the analog alternative.

Less compact: NVRs can be made with either a PC tower configuration or a rackmount. Either choice does take up more space than a standalone analog DVR.

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