BR-FIRE Dotworkz Mesh Radio Conversion Kit
Dotworkz continues to produce professional grade outdoor and extreme climate camera protection solutions. Our products give integrators, dealers, distributors, IT consultants, and camera manufactures an extensive product line engineered to withstand and thrive in all environments. Our products are American made to the highest standards and certification levels to insure quality and performance while extending the life of cameras and sensitive electronics. A Dotworkz Housing offers the ultimate protection of your Security Camera and Security Camera Equipment. Our unique Isolates (providing a sealed barrier rated at IP68 for D Series and IP66 for S-Type ), Insulates (the enclosure is polycarbonate thermal plastic which virtually eliminates heat transfer and the optional 2 part reflective padding further slow heat transfer), and Regulates (utilizing passive cooling, active cooling, or active heating depending on application), offering the ultimate temperature and environment protection system on the market. The Model is BR-FIRE Dotworkz Mesh Radio Conversion Kit. Our D2 and D3 housing are designed to protect, seal and thermally stabilize both the camera and other needed system components from harsh outdoor conditions. This system makes adding mesh radios, 3G and 4G Wireless routers from Verizon,Sprint, ATT , edge recorders such as the Dotworkz Xero to your D-Series housing. The mesh radio kit makes adding multi antenna radio systems a cinch ! ( Note most radios can be powered from the internal MVP found on most most D-Series models) : This kit includes radio bracket, antenna cable ports, and hardware.


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