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Banks Video Surveillance Systems

WorldEyeCam offers quality video surveillance systems at an affordable price for banks. Please call us today at 888-211-2288 for more information on how to get your surveillance system project started.

For our bank customers we offer a full line of DVRs, NVRs and CCTV security camera products at affordable pricing from a trusted veteran of the security world. We offer free cost analysis to find you the best option for your budget. Our support team is here to help with any technical questions you have about your security camera systems. We are your one stop shop for advice, sales reinforcement and technical support.

Our large selection of surveillance equipment ensures you will find the products you need to keep your business safe. Worldeyecam is not just a retail store, we also have years of experience in security camera installation so we can make the most informed recommendations about what security system is right for you. We stand behind our products 100% and we will stay with you for the long haul to keep you, the customer, happy.

With years of experience selling and installing security camera systems we can also easily upgrade your current system. If your bank has an existing VCR/Tape Based CCTV System, let us help you upgrade to an Internet Accessible DVR or NVR. Many of the modern systems will allow you to view surveillance footage on a PC or mobile device so you can monitor your property from anywhere. In most cases these upgrades are simple and affordable. Call today at 888-211-2288.

It is no secret that criminals often target banks even though most banks have a surveillance system in place. However, many of these surveillance systems are out of date and not as helpful as the newer intelligent video analytics systems. These new technologies can better assist with preventing robberies and check fraud, investigate crimes, combat “phantom ATM withdrawals” and improve customer service. While robbery is a big issue with banks, it is fraudulent scheming that costs banks the most money. Most banks have been victim to check fraud at one time or another but banks with up to date security and surveillance systems are able to stop 92% of all check fraud attempts.

Banks are no longer just standalone buildings but now have branches in grocery stores and standalone ATMs are common. This increases the size of the bank’s network and the areas that need to be monitored as well as opening up new areas that can be targeted. With so many cameras monitoring so many different branches there will end up being a large amount of footage to sort through. It is estimated that the banks in the United States record a total of 5 billion hours of video annually. With so much footage to sort through it can be difficult to identify security threats and criminal activity. Older surveillance systems merely capture and store video, requiring security personnel to sort through and make sense of the footage. However, modern advances in surveillance technology have made surveillance footage searchable. The search function will allow users to find the data they need within seconds. The ability to quickly search through video footage means that users are able to get the information they need to quickly build a case and prosecute a criminal before they can do more damage.

Footage can be linked with a specific transaction or account so that users can quickly pull up surveillance footage of every time a certain account was accessed at a branch or ATM. The technology can also link a face or license plate to the footage. While search ability is key, so is video quality. If the footage is of poor quality then it is useless in pinpointing faces or necessary information. High quality video that captures at multiple frames per second from multiple viewpoints is necessary to get sufficient evidence to prosecute criminals. The best cameras for this job will be IP, megapixel cameras with pan/tilt/zoom. These types of cameras and the CAT-5e cables they use are easily upgraded so as technology changes the bank’s security system can stay up to date with the best surveillance system on the market. Another excellent quality of modern surveillance systems is that footage can be viewed remotely on a PC, allowing users to keep an eye on the branches and ATMs even at night.

With such delicate financial issues being dealt with day in and day out, it is important that the banks surveillance system does not stop recording or break down. There are systems available that will send alerts to users when cameras or hard drives are malfunctioning or failing so they can quickly be repaired without losing footage. Vandal proof cameras are also imperative so they cannot be damaged or dismantled by robbers. An experienced installer and retailer, such as Worldeyecam, can pinpoint the best system for the job and be trusted to install it quickly and efficiently.

We also provide products and services to businesses similar to Banks including: places of worship, car dealerships and hotels.

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