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Video Surveillance Systems in Arkansas

Arkansas is a state in the Southern United States. The current estimated population is 2,966,369 and the capital and most populous city is Little Rock. Spanish and French explorers visited the region throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. The first European settlement in the region was established by the French in 1686. Settlers and fur trappers began coming to the area but settlement was slow. Arkansas was sold to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The Territory of Arkansas was organized in 1819 and slavery was legal in the territory. Slavery remained a controversial issue in the territory as the cotton plantations in the southeast part of the territory relied on slave labor while subsistence farmers of the north mostly favored emancipation. Arkansas was admitted as the 25th state in 1836. It was one of the last states to secede from the Union during the Civil War. Several battles took place in Arkansas including the Battle of Cane Hill, Battle of Pea Ridge and the Battle of Prairie Grove. Arkansas fell to Union forces in 1863. Agriculture remained the dominant industry in the state after the war. Parts of the Ozarks such as Eureka Springs and Hot Springs became tourist attractions during this time. Many Jim Crow laws were enforced in the state and in 1957 Arkansas garnered national attention when the Little Rock Nine attempted to integrate a high school. Arkansas became the center of national attention again when their Governor Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States. Today Arkansas has a diverse economy with six Fortune 500 companies based in the state including Wal-Mart. Agriculture and mining still remain important sectors of the state’s economy, producing goods such as poultry, rice, natural gas and bromine. Tourism also contributes to the economy. Visitors are attracted to the many state and national parks, the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and other historic sites. Arkansas has many universities and colleges including the top ranked public school, the University of Arkansas and Hendrix College which was ranked as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation by US News and World Report.

Arkansas has an above average crime rate. It does not rank among the most dangerous in the nation, but crime is certainly an issue for residents. Two cities in Arkansas have crime rates that rank among the highest in the nation: Texarkana and Little Rock. The city of Bella Vista has a crime rate that ranks among the lowest in the nation. The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in the state of Arkansas is 1 in 217 and of property crime is 1 in 28. These rates are just a bit higher than the national average. The most common crimes in the state are theft and burglary. In 2013 there were 70,450 reported cases of theft and 30,485 cases of burglary. Residents can protect themselves from these crimes by installing surveillance systems in their homes and businesses. For residents of high crime areas, it is important that they protect themselves and their property. Surveillance systems are known to deter crime and they can help to reduce crime rates overall.

Arkansas State Capitol
500 Woodlane St
Little Rock, AR 72201

Arkansas Governor's Mansion
1800 Center St
Little Rock, AR 72206

Clinton Presidential Center
1200 President Clinton Ave
Little Rock, AR 72201

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