Traditional CCTV camera systems were designed in a time when standard definition television was the only option to display the cameras. These days, when most people have upgraded to HDTVs, standard definition simply doesn't deliver the high-quality picture you've come to expect with your high definition television. If you've upgraded to high-definition displays, shouldn't your cameras match that quality?

Standard analog CCTV cameras max out at 700 TV Line resolution and the stanard DVR can only display and record those cameras at D1 resolution (704x480). That is the maximum resolution that standard definition televisions can display and it's a big difference from what you get on a HDTV.

HD-SDI offers a resolution far beyond what normal standard definition DVRs can do. While a CIF or D1 DVR may be pretty common, the small resolution they offer cannot compare to the 1080p resolution you get with HD-SDI.

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Resolution Comparisons:
Here's a closer comparison of what you see with a standard definition DVR compared to a high definition HD-SDI DVR.
ANALOG CCTV (704x480):
HD-SDI (1920x1080)

HD-SDI DVRs are capable of recording cameras at full 1080p resolution at 7.5 fps on each channel. This gives you the highest picture quality possible with detailed recordings so you don't miss anything. The 1080P HD-SDI cameras run on standard RJ-59 coax to give you the smooth video you've experienced over the years with traditional CCTV cameras, but without any of the latency that's common with IP cameras. They're fully compatible with PC, and Mac, and they support remote viewing on smartphones and tablets running either iOS or Android.

HD-SDI DVRs are very high-quality, high-definition, true-HD, and are manufactured in Korea. Strong build quality, amazing software support, and the best video quality in the industry all packed in a compact DVR.
The HD-SDI mobile app, called iMaxCam, is available on iOS and Android devices as a free download from their respective app stores. The app supports viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously, and you can view them either by a screen division with all of the cameras displayed on screen, or swipe your finger between camera views. It also supports full PTZ controls, audio on cameras that have mics attached, and remote playback of recorded footage.

Perhaps the one feature that sets this mobile app apart from other CCTV apps is the quality of the picture that the DVR sends to the phone. Where most analog CCTV mobile apps only support a very low resolution CIF image, this app recieves a full HD feed from your cameras.
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