Reasons to consider IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders


While the surveillance industry has widely adopted IP technology many users are still reluctant to embrace it. We hear many concerns about cost, installation and ease of use of these new systems. Most of these concerns are unnecessary and the reasons for upgrading to IP are far too numerous to ignore. Here we highlight just a few of the top reasons to upgrade to IP today:

High resolution- IP surveillance systems offer the highest resolution video footage on the market. While HD-over-Coax systems cap at around 2mp, IP systems can do up to 4K 12mp. The higher the resolution the clearer the images will be when zoomed in. This will help to capture greater detail such as faces and license plate numbers.

Lower cable cost- Only one network cable is needed to transmit video, audio, and power which can save you a ton on cable costs. You may even already have Cat5/Network cable at your location so you don’t have to purchase new cabling at all.

Future proof- The CCTV industry will continue to expand into IP territory as they move away from analog systems. IP surveillance systems can be easily updated for new capabilities and compatibility as technology advances.

Remote monitoring- One of the biggest advantages that comes with an IP system is being able to monitor all footage remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Not only can users watch surveillance footage but they can also change camera settings and PTZ functions from anywhere in the world.

Easy installation- These systems require few cables and with new updates they are easier than ever to get setup. There are many options available that are “plug and play” meaning all you need to do is plug the cameras and NVR in and you will be ready to start recording.

Easy to use- the simple Wizard interface menu will guide you through the process of changing camera settings and accessing recorded footage. It’s as simple as clicking your mouse.


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