One of the most important components of a surveillance system is the DVR. This is the device that will record and save all the footage collected by your security cameras. It is important to have a reliable DVR so you don’t lose important data. Most DVRs come in multiple channel options with internal SATA ports for hard drives. When choosing a DVR it is important to find one that is compatible with your cameras, has enough storage space for the footage you are recording and has enough channels to accommodate your cameras. Here we highlight a few of the main types of DVRs.


NVRs- Network Video Recorders are used for IP surveillance systems. They are only compatible with high definition IP security cameras. These devices operate over a network connection and can be placed anywhere, as long as they fall within the same network range as the security cameras. There are options for 4 channel systems all the way up to 128 channel systems. The multiple channel options make NVRs ideal for both small home security systems and large business security systems. Most of these systems will record footage in a 1080p resolution but there are 4K models available that record footage at an Ultra High Definition 12mp resolution.


DVRs- These are the standard devices you will use to record footage. DVRs are used mostly with Analog systems but there are models available for HD-over-Coax systems. Worldeyecam even offers Universal DVRs that are able to record footage from Analog, CVI and IP cameras all on one device. Like NVRs these devices record footage from compatible security cameras and come in multiple channel options. The DVR will need to be connected directly to the cameras via RG59 coaxial cable in order to capture and record camera footage. All security footage is stored on internal hard drives that need to be added separately.

HD-CVI DVR- These are a type of DVR that are compatible with only HD-CVI surveillance cameras. These systems are able to receive video and audio over Coaxial cable while also transmitting pan/tilt/zoom functions over the same cable. It can transmit up to 1500 feet which is much further than Network IP systems. The HD-CVI DVR systems record high definition video, up to a 1080p resolution. There are multiple channel options as well as options for ample HDD storage space.


GeoVision PC Based DVR- This is a custom built PC tower with GeoVision video capture cards installed for recording surveillance footage. Each system is designed and built to meet the customer’s exact specifications. Customize the DVR’s software, the number of channels, memory and HDD space. We have multiple options available and highly skilled technicians to walk you through the process of customizing your GeoVision DVR. These units can be made compatible with either IP or Coax based systems.


Another very important component of any NVR/DVR system is the hard drive. This is where all the surveillance footage will be stored so it is important that you have enough hard drive space in your system. Use our Hard Drive Calculator to determine just how much HDD space you will need to add to your recording system.


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