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8 Channel HD-CVI DVR's

8-channel systems are great choices for monitoring a home or small business. These HD-CVI DVRs are compatible with up to 8 HD-CVI surveillance cameras recording high resolution footage, ranging from 720p to 1080p. Each one offers plenty of storage space and real time, synced playback on all 8 channels. HD-CVI DVRs are affordable while still offering quality video and audio recording. Footage can be monitored remotely from a PC, Mac or mobile device with the monitoring software. A quality DVR is an integral part of any surveillance system. Browse our selection to find the best for your system.

  SKU Product Sale Price
IMAX-CVI-M8 IMAX-CVI-M8 1080p HD-CVI Mini 1U DVR $350.00
$275.00 (Save 21%)
IMAX-MN-TRI-8CVI-S2 IMAX-MN-TRI-8CVI-S2 Full 720p 8 Channel 1U Universal Recorder Support 2 IP Cameras $469.00
$299.00 (Save 36%)
XVR-8CH-1U 8 Channel 4MP 1U Digital Video Recorder $899.00
$399.00 (Save 56%)
4K-XVR-8CH-MINI1U 8 Channel 4K 8MP 5 in 1 Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder $699.00
$499.95 (Save 28%)
4K-XVR-8CH-2S-1U 8 Channel 4K 8MP 5 in 1 2 SATA 1U Digital Video Recorder $699.00
$599.95 (Save 14%)
UNI-CVI-8-1.5U1080 8Ch 1.5U 1080p All IN One HD-CVI, IP NVR, Analog DVR System - 4 HDD $1,760.00
$1,042.50 (Save 41%)
UNI-CVI-8-2U1080 8Ch 2U 1080p All IN One HD-CVI, IP NVR, Analog DVR System - 8HDD $1,220.00
$1,160.00 (Save 5%)