1.3MP IP Camera with Live Video/Audio and Instant Smartphone Notifications


List Price: $399.99
Product #: 50539
Manufacturer: AVTECH

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The AVN801 is one of AVTECH's newest IP Cameras on the market, loaded with cutting edge technology and features which of course is Mac and iOS compatible - a rare feature in the CCTV industry.

Featuring Push Video Notifications with 5-second event video calls in coordination with EagleEyes, a powerful remote surveillance app, you can be quickly alerted of specified events at the camera's location. As an example, if the camera detects motion (using motion + PIR in order to prevent false alarms), it will instantly send your iOS device a Push Notification which will playback a short recording of what the camera captured with 'Pre-Alarm' which means it will also show you a few seconds before the event was triggered. This allows you to instantly view and backup what caused the trigger and act if necessary. All of these features combined with a high quality, 1.3 Megapixel image sensor allows for affordable and powerful IP surveillance.


  • Easy network setup with your iPhone / iPad
  • 1.3 Megapixel with HDTV 720p quality, allowing users to notice minor details more easily
  • Memory storage built-in for video recording
  • Push Video support to send an event notification to your iPad, iPhone and Android mobile device immediately once the specified
  • event type is triggered, and play video recording once you confirm the receipt.
  • External alarm I/O device connection
  • Microphone built-in for audio recording
  • Remote Surveillance -- Full compatibility on iPhone & iPad, and Internet Explorer® on Windows® operating system with your iPhone / iPad


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