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Wire Connector, Twist-On, 600 Volt, 22 to 12 AWG, Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Elastomer Insulation, Orange/Blue Color

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The improved 3M O/B+ Connector will help electricians do more with less. The O/B+ connector combines a very small shell with an increased wire range. The improved spring bites wire quickly with less effort and accommodates from two #22 AWG wires up to three #12 AWG wires or four #14 AWG wires. The very small shell fits easily into tight spaces and its flexible skirt helps protect workers from contact with overstripped wires. With such a wide wire range, you can save money by buying fewer connectors. O/B + replaces the orange, blue and gray spring connector style connectors, as well as 70% of the yellow spring connector and wing style connectors. This simplifies selection of the right connector for a wide range of wiring jobs. There’s also less in ventory to manage, and a better chance you’ll have the connector you need to do every job.


  • Withstands Temperature up to 221 Deg F


UNSPSC Code 39121702


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