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West Penn Wire's mission is to remain a world leader in the production of innovative technological solutions for the challenges of today and beyond. West Penn Wire manufactures a full line of superior low voltage electronic wire and cable for almost any application imaginable. Our product lines range from everyday low voltage twisted pair and broadcast and broadcast/precision video coaxial cable to high performance twisted pair for high frequency applications and high bandwidth optical fiber. Our goal at West Penn Wire is to provide our customers the greatest possible value by supplying the highest quality wire and cable products in a timely fashion and at the best possible price.


West Penn Wire was founded in 1971 in Claysville, Pennsylvania. The early years of the company were devoted to the premise of supplying quality wire and cable to our customers in a timely manner. To this end, the company was committed to manufacturing in order to stock warehouses and distribution centers rather than manufacturing to fill orders. This manufacturing philosophy ensures a swift turnaround of orders and prompt delivery of quality products to the customer.

Today, nothing has changed about the way we do business or our philosophy of providing quality wire and cable in a timely manner. The only difference is in the facilities and equipment used. What started in a 5000 sq ft building with one production line is today a large international corporation with four manufacturing facilities. The corporate office and engineering complex are located in Washington, Pennsylvania, and there are several regional distribution centers located throughout the United States.

In 1990, West Penn Wire became the original Cable Design Technologies company and changed their name to West Penn Wire/CDT to reflect this new and exciting affiliation.

In 2004, Cable Design Technologies merged with Belden Wire and Cable. NYSE ticker symbol- BDC. With the merger The CDT has come off our name. We are now known as WEST PENN WIRE.


We at West Penn Wire believe the foundation for growth is innovation and flexibility. Our company has seen phenomenal growth over the last 30 years. Much of this growth is due to the fact that we remained flexible to the needs of our customers and to our continuous ability to innovate new technologies and processes. Our people are our most important assets and they are committed to providing West Penn Wire customers with service, quality and innovation second to none! This commitment is what makes West Penn Wire one of the most recognizable and trusted brand names in the wire and cable industry today....and well into the 21st century.

291 22/2 Stranded bare copper conductors, shielded with an overall jacket.
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Product #: 58580
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TL105 Minimax Crimp Tool
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Product #: 59628
$281.10 $112.00
25224B 18/2 Stranded bare copper conductors, unshielded with an overall jacket.
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Product #: 58601
$608.76 $135.32