TLM-E Louroe Electronics Two-Way Speaker/Microphone Outdoor Model


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Model TLM-E is a two-way speaker/microphone with an electret condenser microphone and 4” speaker, all within one housing. As part of a Louroe Audio System, it provides 2-way communication between the remote area and the Louroe base station. Included with the TLM-E are two back boxes for flush or surface mounting to a wall or flat surface.


  • Faceplate is 20 gauge CRS powder coated
  • Face Plate Dimensions: 6 1/4" H x 8"W
  • Microphone pre-amp contains sensitivity switch to lower gain
  • Omni-directional microphone and 4" speaker
  • Flush or surface mount to wall or flat surface
  • May be installed up to 1,000' from base station

[Specification PDF]

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