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iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA101 Hanging Mount Adapter

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Shanika Rathnayake
Mar 8, 2016
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I bulk purchased around 15 security cameras from a wholesale store in my town that was clearing its stock of camera for a new stock. All the cameras where in tip top shape but they were slightly outdated that is why they were sold at a huge discount. Anyway, the security cameras were not available with ceiling mounts and since the shopping mall I manage only has space for ceiling security cameras I had been searching for a hanging mount.

This durable aluminum one has been with me for over 3 weeks now and it has not shown a single sign of failing/scratches or anything of that sort. I accommodated all my security cameras and even after purchasing 15 of them the total was well within my budget range. The design and set up of these mounts is extremely immaculate and perfectly matches the clean interior aura of the shopping mall. I am pretty sure this mount will stay for a very long time with me.
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