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Fake Dummy Box Security camera

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Wesley Bates
Feb 22, 2016
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My family ranch was half blown away on the outside by a hurricane one summer, and while me an my wife wanted to restore the area to its former glory, we didn’t also want to spend too much on it. Hence our decision to use fake cameras instead of where the previous real ones were fixed on most areas of the ranch.

We went with this dummy box security camera as it was in our budget range and it said it would ship the same day. So with time and money both safely in the pot we setup our new half fake security camera system. Little did we at that time know that this was a blessing in disguise, at almost half the rate and with almost no maintenance these cameras did exactly the job and more.

The aluminum finish and adjustability made sure that cameras looked very real while also not costing us much at all. Win-win
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