HD-AHD 1080P Outdoor Weatherproof Day/Night Dome Camera, 3.6mm Lens

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Rasheek Swaggallover Crowley
Mar 3, 2016
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This camera really beats the whole lot of all other equipment I have used simply due to its amazing video quality, video resolution and night time video capturing ability. I mean the camera was advertised as an all-terrain, outdoor, strong piece of equipment that would get the job done to us by the retailer at the store. But using it was a complete joy and an actual surprise at money’s worth.

And yes, the second best thing about this infra-red, day and night camera was that it was less than half the price of all other equipment that boasted of the features this HD-AHD 1080p dome camera.

We weren’t really sold on the camera having actual 1080p resolution for video footage, but seeing made believing possible after we checked our first footage, which gave us night-time footage as clear as the footage captured during the day. There are some videos of the camera online too, be sure to check them out, as the camera has other great features as well.
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