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600TVL Corner Mount Camera, 2.8mm, 12VDC

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Jillian Wyatt
Jan 12, 2016
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Although, there are enough security cameras in my office but one situation could not be covered by them when one employee scuffled with the other in a covert corner of the hallway. Because of not clear footage of the incident, justice could not be done to one who faced the violence. I needed a camera really in little time to make a clear footage to all what happens in the covert corners of theentire office and that was it when I found this smart Corner Mount Camera.

The huge discount allowed me to equip my entire office building with 8 security cameras and keep every nook and cranny fully covered by eye of the cameras. The fixed lens enables focused surveillance of the entire area in the reach of the lens. The incredible footage by the camera is crystal clear to understand the minute details of everything in the focus of lens. Wonderful and trusted product! Highly recommended!
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