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8 HD 1080p IR Bullet HD-SDI DVR Kit for Business Commercial Grade

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Apr 9, 2014
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Setting up internet connection was easy for me, but I'm an electrical engineer and software programmer. There are many ways you can view the live video and recordings without being anywhere near the DVR. Using the browser with supplied plug-in gives nearly all the same capability as using mouse/remote on the DVR.... but you can control from anywhere. Sometimes, the video is NOT streamed in HD to preserve your network bandwidth - but you can control that by clicking on "Main stream" to get the full HD.

IMaxCam Lite & Imaxcampro I downloaded copies of these and side-loaded the apps and they work just fine with my phone and tablet. (Both Google Nexus devices)

My confidence in what this system can catch using motion detection continues to improve.... yesterday, one camera caught a small rabbit crossing my driveway at 4am (total darkness) from about 30ft away!

Initially, the colors were a bit washed out - but you can control that using the configuration software.
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