Dummy Silver Bullet Camera with Blinking Red LED

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Brittany Lancaster
Feb 15, 2016
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Managing efficiently over a wide area of poultry farms that include a lot of indoor warehouses and stalls to outdoor loading and parking areas can require a lot of man power or very tight scrutiny. Through years of damage control and fighting against losses I really couldn’t understand how to personally manage or push staff to a more effective and responsible work style, I mean you can’t be everywhere at one time

But who knew a $22 dummy silver bullet camera would do it for me. And at that affordable rate I got to install these little cameras almost everywhere.Yes with these very professional looking cameras that look very original too (all with the red light and wall brackets etc) fixed over the production lines and farms all the staff became extremely careful and vigilant all the time, and my output increased.

Of course I never told anyone else that these were fake cameras but I guess I might hold on to the secret a while longer
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