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Fake Dummy Dome Security camera with Blinking LED - BLACK

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Cynthia Coleman
Feb 28, 2016
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After some apartments got broken into, on our block in the middle of the city; safety and security became an overlying concern that all us residents of the 4th Block couldn’t lay off for any longer. The building didn’t have any security cameras anywhere and thus we decide fake cameras for hallways and staircases. Since then I did some research and while there are hundreds of types and colors and options of fake cameras everywhere this black dome camera caught my eye due to its sleek shape and inconspicuous design.

Some apartments had burglar alarms already so we didn’t want a camera to stick out like a sore thumb, we just wanted something to make its presence felt.

And this dummy dome camera with its blinking LED light fixed on the ceiling like a watchful eye really did the job. And its economical price made us afford a big number of them that we used wisely to cover all entries and exits.
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