Fake Dummy Dome Security camera with Blinking LED - WHITE

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Audie Dewey
Mar 1, 2016
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These small, lightweight cameras really made their mark at the college where I’m employed in the security department. We originally had a number of actual professional security cameras installed in the main different areas of the interior of the college. So when the administration of the college decided to add some fake cameras to the collection (just to make sure some sensitive classrooms thought they were monitored) my first aim was to find something that looked like or resembled what we already had.
And well this camera being the same shade of white and similar to most of the professional cameras we had already instantly picked my eye.

After asking for a quotation and sending it to my supervisors this installment was approved within a day mainly due to its low-cost and high-quality material that served our purpose just right.

Apart from the students it had a number of staff fooled as well, which kept the security and vigilance levels of my department at top notch. A happy customer indeed!
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