imaxcampro-2MP Starlight HDCVI Dome Motorized Security Camera


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The iMaxCamPro COAX, 2MP, Dome, 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens security camera. This camera offers a 2-megapixel resolution with HD and SD output that is switchable depending on the user's preference. It features a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens that allows for flexible adjustment of the field of view for different surveillance applications. The camera also comes with built-in IR LEDs that have a maximum illumination distance of up to 50 meters, enabling the camera to capture clear and detailed images even in low-light conditions.

In addition, this camera also features DWDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range) technology, which helps to balance the brightness and darkness within a scene, ensuring that details in both bright and dark areas are visible. It also has 3D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology, which helps to reduce image noise and provide clearer images, as well as an IP67 weatherproof rating, which makes it suitable for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions.

The camera supports 4-in-1 video output, which means it can be used with TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS DVRs, offering great versatility to users who already have a surveillance system in place. It also has a built-in OSD (On-Screen Display) menu that allows users to adjust settings such as exposure, white balance, and contrast, making it easy to customize the camera to suit their specific surveillance needs.