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PRO BOX Camera Lens

WorldEyeCam is happy to offer a series of lenses for the Analog CCTV Pro Box surveillance cameras. These lenses range in size and functions. We offer both varifocal and fixed lenses with focal lengths ranging from 2.5mm to 50mm. Each of the lenses in this section are compatible with the Analog Pro Box security cameras. Browse our selection to find the best for your security camera and surveillance needs. 

  SKU Product Sale Price
OC-D02812A Omni OC-D02812A CCTV 2.8-12 mm Vari-Focal Auto Iris Security Camera Lens $73.00
$54.00 (Save 26%)
FVL550AI Fujinon FVL550AI 5-50mm DC Auto Iris Security Camera Lens $106.00
$80.00 (Save 25%)
WECL6-60MM 1/3" 6.0-60mm Auto IRIS Vari-Focal Lens $94.86
$80.80 (Save 15%)
FVL27135AI-DN Fujinon FVL27135AI-DN 2.7-13.5mm Auto Iris Security Camera Lens $85.00
FVL550AI-DN Fujinon FVL550AI-DN 5-50mm DC Auto Iris Day/Night Security Camera Lens $121.00
$95.00 (Save 21%)
OM-D05100A Omni OC-D05100A Vari-Focal Auto Iris Security Camera Lens $180.00
$159.00 (Save 12%)