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Pen Recorders

WorldEyeCam offers a series of covert pen recorders. We have options for recording video or audio depending on your needs. Most of these models have built-in rechargeable batteries and plenty of storage space. Not only do these pens record audio or video but they also actually work as pens! They are perfect for covert recording in the office or on the go.

  SKU Product Sale Price
WECDVBPR6 DVBPR6: Digital Video Pen $133.50
$89.00 (Save 33%)
WECDVBPR6Silver DVBPR6Silver: Digital Video Pen in Silver $133.50
$89.00 (Save 33%)
WECPrmaMQ72N1GB PrmaMQ72N1GB: USB Digital Voice Recording Pen in Gold 1GB $298.50
$129.00 (Save 57%)
WECDV720P8GB DV720P8GB: HD Video Pen 8GB $223.50
$132.99 (Save 40%)
WECPrmaMQ72N256 PrmaMQ72N256: USB Digital Voice Recording Pen in Gold 256MB $223.50
$136.45 (Save 39%)
WECPrmaMQ77N1GB PrmaMQ77N1GB: Black and Silver Recorder Pen 1GB $298.50
$189.00 (Save 37%)