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Geovision Customized Camera System: Step 1

Geovision Customized Camera System

Step 1: Choose your Components

Select your NVR Recorder, Cameras, Cables if needed and a POE Switch to power your cameras if you chose an NVR without built in POE.
Required GeoVision Custom Server

Select your NVR Recorder

Optional Storage Space - Hard Drive (s)

Surveillance Rated Hard Disk Drives

Required Camera Style 1

Choose your camera (s)

Optional Camera Style 2 (if needed)

Choose your camera (s)

Optional Wi-Fi 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz Kits

Make any camera Wireless up to 9+ Miles

Optional Cables (CAT5)

Loading... Choose your cables.

Optional Power Supply - POE


Use the same network cable to power your Camera and transmit video and audio on the same Network Cable with a POE Switch.

Optional Choose your Monitor

Choose your Monitor