Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) designs, manufactures, and services hardware and software for the residential application of intelligent automation. HAI applies commercial automation industry technology to the residential market.Products include solutions for lighting control, HVAC, access control, surveillance, security systems, audio entertainment, and multiple interfaces. HAI provides these products in an open platform. This accounts for differing technology and features found throughout the industry. HAI introduced the first integrated security and automation system to the market. Eight years later, they were responsible for developing the first Energy Star programmable communicating thermostat. HAI also developed the first Internet remote access and control software specifically for residential use in 2001. The 2008 calendar year saw HAI bring 30 new products to the home automation market the most in its 24-year history.The Lumina Keypad has large buttons, a cool blue backlight, and a thin profile. All control and programming functions can be accomplished using a Lumina Keypad. HAI offers a Flush Mount kit (HAI Part Number 33A00-3) for this keypad to provide a painted backbox that mounts in the wall; the keypad then mounts into the backbox providing a professional, built-in look. You may use HAI's Power Hub in Enclosure (HAI Part Number 83A00-1) or Power Hub for Structured Wiring Enclosures (HAI Part Number 83A00-2) to provide power and battery backup to up to eight Lumina Keypads. Lumina LCD surface mount console, silk screen front, connector kit, instructions for Lumina and Lumina Pro“Features of this products are Full warranty and technical support provided by HAI by Leviton.Compatible with Lumina and Lumina Pro Control Systems.Surface Mount keypad with slim design that can be flush mounted.Silk screen with menu options printed on the keypad face..Control and program direct from this keypad.


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