Louroe Electronics IF-4 Audio Interface Adapter For DVR-VCR-IP Servers


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Product #: 38780
Manufacturer: Louroe Electronics


Four zone audio interface adapter designed for connecting up to four Louroe microphones with a DVR, PC sound card or other recording device that has multiple audio inputs.

The input side of the IF-4 has terminal blocks for receiving the wiring from the microphones. The output side has two types of output:

  • RCA type - For connection to a DVR with RCA audio inputs.
  • 3.5mm type - For connection to a DVR with a 3.5mm audio input or to "line in" of a PC sound card.

The IF-4 also contain individual "audio out control" potentiometers for audio gain adjustment. Output from the Louroe microphone can be amplified to 10dB. A 12Vdc power supply (included) provides power to the Louroe microphone.

[Specification PDF]

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