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LPR License Plate Capture

GV-LPR1200 1 MP 10x Zoom B/W Network Camera
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Product #: 86314
$3,499.99 $1,400.00
Custom Built Geovision Server: Supports 1-128 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91258
$12,104.00 $1,451.00
Customizable Hybrid GeoVision NVR/DVR: Supports 1 up to 32 IP Megapixel Cameras NVR Network Video Recorder
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Product #: 36929
$12,104.00 $1,451.00
GV-LPR Geovision License Plate Recognition 6 Lane USB Dongle
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Product #: 86172
$3,200.00 $1,797.00
Custom Built Geovision AS Manager Server
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Product #: 99338
$3,999.00 $2,199.00
GV-LPR Geovision License Plate Recognition 8 Lane USB Dongle
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Product #: 86173
$4,000.00 $2,294.00
GV-LPR-CENTER-10 Geovision LPR Management Application - 10 Connections
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Product #: 19055
$5,000.00 $3,750.00
Exacqvision Custom Rack-mount Server
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Product #: 91282
$12,104.00 $4,296.00
Custom Built Geovision Server: Supports 64-128 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91326
$12,104.00 $9,648.00
Pre-Built GV-NVR Supports 8 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91279
$5,249.99 $4,999.00
Pre-Built GV-NVR Supports 16 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91278
$7,500.00 $5,999.00
Pre-Built GV-NVR Supports 32 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91280
$9,000.00 $6,999.00

LPR License Plate Capture

LPR License Plate Capture

The License Plate Recognition Systems

The License Plate Recognition system, or LPR, is a system that uses optical character recognition to read license plates. This series of surveillance cameras are fully equipped with the LPR technology which makes them ideal for monitoring parking lots and driveways. Each security camera is equipped with infrared LEDs to capture clear images of cars and plate numbers even in the dark. The LPR technology can help to locate and identify criminals who have targeted your property for theft, vandalism or worse. Footage can be stored and sent to law enforcement officials as evidence. This technology has also been used to monitor toll roads for pay-as-you-go systems and also in traffic light surveillance. Each of the security cameras in this series can effectively capture license plate numbers while also recording high resolution video both day and night. We have various surveillance cameras to choose from as well as software that can be used to upload the LPR technology to your already existing system.

Camera System Design

Designing a unique surveillance system for your home or business is as easy as clicking your mouse with our new Custom Kit Builder.  With intuitive prompts that guide you along the way, you are in control of your camera styles, NVR or DVR size, power accessories and hard drive space.   Still have questions, give us a call, our expert technicians are here to help.  Your brand new system is only a few clicks away.

IP System Builder
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