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HCCordCam: Lawmate Hidden Camera Cord Cam
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Product #: 84948
$598.50 $335.95
HCPower: Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera HD
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Product #: 85842
$450.00 $200.00
LM300mini: Lawmate Miniature Pocket Camera
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Product #: 84955
$253.50 $169.00
HCDigitalThermo: Lawmate Digital Thermometer Hidden Camera
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Product #: 84949
$442.50 $279.99



Lawmate is a manufacturer of hidden cameras and surveillance devices. WorldEyeCam offers many high quality Lawmate recording devices including cameras hidden in books, necklaces, clocks and power adapters among many other items. These products are discreet and effective. Browse our selection to find the best fit for your surveillance needs.