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KC1080NV: HD Keychain DVR with Night Vision*
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Product #: 84940
$268.50 $165.45
KC720SD: 720p Keychain DVR*
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Product #: 84941
$163.50 $82.95
KCLMAudio: Lawmate Audio Keychain Recorder
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Product #: 84944
$268.50 $119.00
KCMulti: Keychain with Multiple Manufacturer Options*
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Product #: 84945
$298.50 $96.95

Key Chain DVRs

Key Chain DVRs

The key chain DVRs are small portable surveillance cameras and DVRs in one. They record and store video footage straight onto the small and discreet keychain. These devices are made to look like car key fobs which makes them perfect for covert recording. They can be connected to a computer with a USB cord or footage can be stored on a microSD card. Each one records high quality footage and can be used in a variety of situations.