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iMaxCamPro has been an industry leader for over a decade expanding its technology along the way. This High End DVR brings the quality and integrity professional installers and end users alike have come to appreciate. Recently being added to the direct consumer market has allowed iMaxCamPro to stream line your user experience by listening to end users input, adding to the ease of use and installation of this durable DVR. Fully functional client software gives you the capacity to monitor your home or business from any application you choose, be it your smart phone, laptop or MAC or Windows PC. Our Client software also allows for REMOTE RECORDING. In the event that your DVR is stolen or vandalized, you will have live video recording remotely to a remote PC or another PC on-location to monitor and record. Multiple High Definition monitor outputs allow for VGA, HDMI and composite monitors to be used simultaneously. Real time video recording speed combined with MOTION DETECTION with full real time recording audio option gives you the comfort of knowing what is being said and done at your business. A feature unique to this particular DVR is the E-Map feature which allows you to download a map or building schematic to pinpoint exact locations of your cameras. This feature also gives you the control to determine if you need to alter your camera placement without actually having to move the cameras themselves saving you time and money.

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iMaxCamPro Recorders

Universal DVRs

2MP HD PoE Built in Mic 3.7mm IR Motion Detector Camera
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Product #: 99275
$199.00 $159.99
2MP Full HD Wi-Fi IR Mini Dome Camera
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Product #: 89798
$258.00 $160.00
2MP Full HD Wi-Fi Network Small IR Bullet Camera
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Product #: 89797
$285.00 $160.00
8ch Tribrid, 2ch IP, HDMI/VGA, IP+HD-CVI, 720p/1080p, 1 SATA up to 4TB, HVR501H-08-S2
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Product #: 87246
$271.00 $161.00
1080P HD-CVI Vari-Focal Lens 2.8-12mm Vandal-Proof Dome Camera
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Product #: 87205
$198.00 $165.00
3.0 MP 7-70mm Varifocal Lens
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Product #: 85027
1080P HD-CVI Vari-Focal Lens 5-50mm Bullet Camera (Grey) 300FT Night Vision
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Product #: 89728
$294.00 $165.10
DVR Lockbox, 21”x21”x8”, Built-in Fan
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Product #: 89905
$297.00 $166.00
8 Channel Penta-brid 1080P Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder
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Product #: 116603
$287.00 $166.25
2TB Hard Drive
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Product #: 89934
$300.00 $169.00
700 TVL EFFIO-E IR Vandal w/2.8 - 12mm Lens, 30IR,  Dual Volt 12/24v
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Product #: 85844
$229.00 $169.49
4 Channel Penta-brid 4K Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder
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Product #: 116614
$299.00 $169.75
4MP Lite AI IR Fixed focal Bullet Network Camera
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Product #: 116632
$309.99 $173.25
4MP Lite AI IR Fixed Focal Dome Network Camera
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Product #: 116644
$357.99 $173.25
4MP Lite AI IR Fixed Focal Eyeball Network Camera
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Product #: 116647
$369.99 $173.25