Uniview NVR Port Forwarding Information


Setting Ports on the Integrator Series NVR


If you choose not to utilize UPnP to help in bypassing creating port forwarding
rules on your firewall/router, you will need to verify the port settings on your
NVR. This will allow you to properly configure your firewall/router rules with the
correct settings.
Within the configuration of your Integrator Series NVR, go to the Settings >
Network > Port Mapping page. You should see a page similar to the following:




To properly configure the ports that the NVR listens on, you should take the
following steps:
Ensure that UPnP has been set to Off
Subtract 50000 from each of the entries listed on this page.
Press Save (or Apply if working directly on the NVR).
Your settings should now appear as the following:





Once your port settings have been saved you may configure the port forwarding
rules on your firewall/router. The necessary ports to configure forwarding rules
for include:
TCP Port 80 – Allows for HTTP communication with the NVR/IP Camera
TCP Port 6060 – Allows the Plug-ins to communicate with the NVR/IP
TCP Port 7070 – Used for pulling video from the NVR/IP Camera


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