How To Record With Motion Detection On Uniview NVR’s

First step in setting up your Uniview NVR to record on motion is to schedule the recording. To do so go to
Menu->Storage->Recording-> Check in Enable Schedule, and then click Apply.




Next, click Edit on the right side of the menu. In the Edit Schedule menu, select “Motion” from the drop down box.




Next you will select the days you wish to record on motion. In this setup we will select “All”. If certain days do not apply in your setup, be sure to leave them unchecked. Once all days needed to record on motion are chosen, select OK.




Next you will select Copy and choose all of the channels you wish to record on motion. Once chosen select Ok and finally hit Apply.




Finally you will setup your motion settings. To do so go to Menu->Alarm->Motion. Click the check box to enable motion for your selected channel, then select “Trigger actions” (reference second image). Within trigger actions under the Recording tab you will check box the matching channel number you are setting up. These two tasks need to be accomplished one at a time on each channel. Once completed select “Apply” to save. You are now setup to record on motion. (If you’d like more in depth information in regards to Trigger actions and your other motion options, please review your NVR manual)





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