Get Email Alerts Upon Motion Detection in Uniview Quick Setup Guide


First step in setting up your DVR/NVR to send an email notification upon motion is to navigate to the
Email section of your unit. Setting this function up is recommended via the web browser for a quicker
setup. To do so on the browser go to Settings-> Network-> Email. Within the Email section you will see
multiple fields to fill in. Below is a brief explanation of what goes in each field required. (Reference
image on Pg2).
Server Authentication – Make sure the option next to “on” is selected. This turns on the email function
within your unit.
Username – Here you will input in the username you use to login to your email account.
Password – Here you will input the password used to login to your email account.
SMTP Server – Here you will fill in your corresponding SMTP server. Gmail is the recommended email
provider to use with GenIV DVR/NVR’s. Gmail’s SMTP server is
SMTP Port – Here you will fill in your corresponding SMTP port (When SSL or TLS is enabled the port
will be 25).
Sender Name – This will be simply the senders name
Senders Address – Here is where you will input where you’d like the email to be sent from (This will be
the email corresponding with the username).
Recipient 1 – This will simply be the receivers name.
Recipients Address – Here is where you will input the recipients you’d like to receive the email alerts.
Once all the above section are filled in, select Test. If succeeded, check the email(s) input for receiver
and verify you received a test email. If you get Test failed, something input in the above fields is
incorrect (Make sure you are hooked to your network).
Once all fields are filled in with the correct corresponding info be sure to select save.


Now that you have your email synced with your NVR, go to Settings->Camera->Motion  Within thissection simply enable motion on whichever cameras you’d like email alerts to be sent.  Once completed
select Save.




The last step in setting up emails upon motion is to check in the send email option.  To do so change your tab under the motion section to Trigger Actions and check in send email on allof the corresponding channels youd like to receive email notifications.  Once finished select Save.




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