Adding a Uniview Series IP Camera to a Dahua PoE NVR


(Optional) Perform a Factory Reset on the NVR. To do this, go to: Main Menu >>

Setting Row >> System >> Default >> select Factory Reset



After performing a factory default, go to: Main Menu >> Setting Row >> Network >>

select Switch. Within this section you will find the Default Gateway for your unit’s PoE

ports. This gateway will determine what the network scheme to use with your ISX series

cameras. (By default this is set to



Next, you will have to change the IP address of your ISX series camera. To do so, open

up the EZTools utility software, right-click on the camera, select Modify Network

Address – set the camera’s IP scheme to 10.1.1.x (x = unique number within the

Gateway’s IP range of 2-254 by default)



Also in EZTools, right-click on the camera and select Change Password – change to

your preferred password.



Next, you will need to change some of the camera’s settings. To do this, you will log into

the camera via web browser. In your web browser, type in the camera’s IP address.

Once the login screen appears, log into your camera’s web browser interface.



Once logged in, navigate to System >> Security >> Registration Info – click the

checkbox to enable Hide Vendor Info.



Next, navigate to System >> Time – set the camera’s time zone.

Also, under Video, you can set your resolution configuration (if necessary).



Connect the camera to a PoE port on the NVR – once the camera is connected, go to

the NVR interface, right-click and select Remote Device – next, click Manual Add.



On the Manual Add screen, change the Manufacturer setting to ONVIF – enter your

camera’s IP address and password in the corresponding fields – click Save. The

camera image should now show on your NVR.



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