Adding a iMaxcamPro camera to a Uniview Series NVR


In order to add a iMaxcamPro camera to an Uniview series NVR via built in PoE you will need to set the camera to “DHCP, and select the correct “Time Zone”. Setting the camera to “DHCP will allow the camera to pull its own IP address and sink with the PoE of the NVR.  Setting the correct “Time Zone” will ensure that when the camera sinks with the NVR that the correct time will be displayed. Below are step by step instructions in achieving this.


1.) Log into the Camera’s web service


Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to log on the camera by typing the cameras IP address into thebrowser bar. Below is the default information
Imaxcampro default settings
IP address: 
Username:  admin 
Password:  admin
Note: If you are unable to pull up web service with the default IP address you may need tochange the IP to match your network scheme. The “ConfigTool off our website will allow search your network for connected imaxcampro devices and change their IP addresses.


2.) Set the Cameras to DHCP


Once login open the “Setup” tab on the top right of your browser. Then click “Network” on the left column and select “TCP/IP” under this section. You will then select the “DHCP” button and then click “Save“.




3.) Set the Cameras Time Zone


Select “System” then “General” on the left side column. Then select the “Date&Time” tab and change the “Time Zone” in the drop down to the correct GMT that matches the NVR, and click “Save”.
Note:  the NVRs GMT will be under Menu >> System >> Time >> Time Zone (Default is GMT+ 00:00).




4.) Connect the Camera to the PoE of the NVR


The camera is now ready to be connected to the NVR’s PoE. Once connected the camera will automatically be added by the NVR, and will display on the screen.
Note: If the camera doesn’t come up after a few min’s check to make sure that the channel is set for “Plug-and-Play”. This will be in the NVR menu under the Menu >> Camera >> Camera then select “Edit” on the corresponding channel of the PoE slot you are using. The “Add Mode” should be set to “Plug-and-Play” to auto add the PoE camera.


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