Accessing a Uniview Series NVR via a Smart Phone



Accessing your Integrator Series NVR through a smart phone is a simple task that can be
accomplished by following the below instructions. If you have used our G4MX App you will find
it’s very similar.
The first step in accessing your NVR via a Smart Phone is to download the “EZView” App on
your respective App store (Google Play or App Store).


Once downloaded and you have “EZView” open. Select the main menu icon in the top left hand




Then select “Devices”, this is where you will add new devices and manage existing ones.




Now that you have your device page open you will need to add a new device. To do this you will
select the “
“in the top right corner.




Select “Add By “to change the registration mode.


Then select “IP/Domain” as your registration mode. This registration mode allows you to input
an IP address or fully qualified domain name.


You will now need to fill in the information below matching to your device.
Name: Input what you would like your device to be called.
Address: Input your IP address/FQDN.
Port: Input the HTTP port for your device (default: 80)
Username: Input the account username from your device. (default: admin)
Password: Input the corresponding password from your account. (default: 123456)
After Inputting the information above select “Start Live View” at the bottom of the page to complete
the setup.




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