Uniview No-IP.com DDNS Setup Guide

The No-IP DDNS service is a beneficial alternative in situations where acquiring a static IP is not an option. The service is free and can save the cost of paying for a static address. Follow the instruction below in setting this option up.
Create an Account with No-IP.com No-IP.com will allow a user to maintain an account with up to 5 hosts at no charge. Once an account
is created, use the “Add a Host” option within the Your No-IP configuration section.
Define Your Host Information

To create a host, select a hostname and select a domain from the pull-down menu. The pulldown menu will have multiple different domain naming option to choose from. If the desired hostname is already in use you will have to choose another. The Host Type should always be DNS Host (A) and the IP Address will automatically be filled with the IP address from which you are currently accessing this service. Once the DDNS client on the DVR is setup, this address will be updated.
Once registered on No-IP.com, you can now sync your No-IP account and the Domain name setup with the NVR. To do so navigate to the DDNS section. This option is located under Main Menu->System->Network->DDNS.
Once within the DDNS section you can now setup your DDNS. To do so select the box next to Enable DDNS. Once the box is checked in you will see all of the fields below this option will now be able to be adjusted. You can then select your DDNS type. This will be where you will select the service you wish to utilize. These services include: DynDNS, No-IP and EZDDNS. We will be utilizing No-IP in this case.
ezddns-type-in -uniview-nvrs

Next you will fill in all of your No-IP corresponding information. By default the correct server address and port will fill in. Below is a brief description of what needs to be filled in all of the available fields.
DDNS Type – Here you will selet No-IP.
Server Address – Here you will fill in No-IP’s server address. By default this will be filled in correctly with dynupdate.no-ip.com.
Port – Here you will fill in No-IP’s server port. By default this will be filled in correctly with port 80.
Domain Name – Here you will input the domain name setup for this unit on No-IP.com.
Username – Here you will input the username login for your No-Ip account.
Password – Here you will input the password login for your No-Ip account.
Confirm – Here you will input the password login again for your No-Ip account.
Once all fields are filled in with the correct corresponding information you should now be able to access
your NVR remotely with the domain name setup.
Note: This does not take away the need for port forwarding to be accomplished. Port forwarding still must be setup to review the NVR remotely.
Utilizing DDNS via Web Browser:
When using your No-IP DDNS via web browser (Firefox or IE only supported), simply input the full DDNS device address within the browsers address bar. If port forwarding is setup the DDNS input will pull up the NVR’s login page.
Utilizing DDNS via EZView Phone App:
When using your No-IP DDNS via the EZView application you will follow the below steps.
Step 1 – Select the EZView app on the device being used.
Step 2 – Select the icon located on the top right corner of the app.
Step 3 – Go to Device Manager.
Step 4 – Select the plus sign and then select Manual Add.
Step 5 – Select the Add By field and change it to IP/Domain. Once changed fill in the below corresponding


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