Uniview EZView Favorites Quick Setup

The EZView application is a quick and easy option in allowing you access to your NVR when away or local to your
unit. Below is a quick walkthrough on the steps to setting up a favorite group within your EZView application. Favorites will give you a more efficient option in pulling up multiple cameras of your choice at one time without the hassle of selecting each camera individually.
First step in setting up Favorites within the EZView app is to simply open the application.
Once opened, simply select each camera you wish to include in each favorite group and add them to the displayed view of your choosing (4view, 8view, 16 view). The example below is set on a 4 view. To add cameras, simply select the plus sign located in the middle of each box and choose the camera you’d like to view and group together as a favorite.
Once you have all of the cameras you wish to group together as a favorite, select the star icon located within the bottom toolbar. Selecting this icon will prompt up an option that will allow you to name your favorited group. Once given a name select OK to finish creation of your favorited group.
Now that you have your favorited group is setup, you can now pull that favorite within the live view section. To do so select the recorder icon located on the top right corner of the live view section and then select the folder with the name you gave your favorite. Once chosen, select the start live preview option to pull your cameras.


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EZView for iPhone and Android

Safe: data encryption, cell phone/e-mail registration, pin/gesture password and real-time alarm notification. Stable: add/manage/delete cloud devices, main/sub/third stream switch and multi-layer network address translation (NAT) traversal. Handy: quick add devices by scanning QR code, tap-drag live videos, gesture PTZ control and cellular/Wi-Fi data statistics


iPhone and iPad App

Android App