UniView – Configure NVR for Network

In this guide, we will show you how to login to your UniView NVR using a monitor and mouse and configure your NVR to connect to your home router/network.

Step 1: After connecting your UniView NVR to a monitor and mouse, right-click anywhere on the screen and you will be presented with the following context menu. With the left mouse button, click on Menu.

Step 2: Choose the username admin, if it hasn’t already been selected for you. Enter in the password for the admin account. The default password for the admin account is 123456. If you have modified the password for the admin account or are using another admin-level account, you can cycle through the on-screen keyboard by clicking on the button highlighted in the picture to the left, which will show keys for upper and lower case letters. After you have entered in the password, click on the Login button to access the main menu. At this time, if you are still using the default password, you may be prompted to change the password. It is always a good security practice to change the default password. You can either cancel the password change for now or choose to modify the password. Follow the on-screen instructions and make sure to document your new password.

Step 3: Now, from within the menu, make sure the System icon is selected from the far left. Then select the Network subcategory and then make sure you are in the Basic tab section. Please refer to the image to make sure you are in the correct section of the menu.

Step 4: From within the Basic tab, make sure you check the box next to Enable DHCP. If your NVR is currently connected to your home network with a network cable, enabling DHCP will allow the NVR to go out on the network and talk to the router to configure itself for your network. Click on the Apply button to save these settings.

Step 5: After clicking on the Apply button to save the changes you made to the network settings, you will need to restart the NVR to allow it to properly connect to the network. To accomplish this, you will first need to click on the Shutdown icon on the left column, then click on the Restart icon. You will be shown a confirmation prompt, and just click on Yes to restart the NVR.

Step 6: After your NVR has restarted, you can now confirm your new IP address by navigating back to the Network submenu as you did in Step 3. Your new IP address will appear in the section highlighted in the picture to left and next to the text, IPv4. Keep this address handy since it will be used to configure port-forwarding and also used to connect to the NVR when you are on the same local network as the NVR. Clicking on Back will take you out of the menu and back to the live display.