Set Date and Time ImaxCamPro

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Today we will review how to setup the day and time on your ImaxCamPro NVR or DVR system.


Step 1: Turn on your DVR or NVR. If you hear a beeping sound that won’t stop that means you have not installed your hard drive. To stop the beeping noise you can either install a hard drive or hit the power button 5 times quickly. This will stop the beeping until the next time your system is restarted.


The default login for your new IMaxCamPro series NVR or DVR system is

User Name: 888888

Password: 888888

Step 2: Now you will see the General Settings Screen. Here you can select the Date & Time tab at the top. Here you will see all the fields for setting up the time for your new DVR or NVR system. This is very important because should you need to view recorded footage in the future the proper day and time will make it much easier to locate in the future..

Step 3: Here you can select the specific format for the day and time or just leave it in the default format.

You can also choose the separator or just leave that as the default as well.

You can also select to change the time format from 24-hour to 12 hour depending on your preference.

Step 4: Now we need to determine your specific GMT time difference for this example we will use California since that is where our Corporate headquarters is located. For this example we will be setting to GMT-08:00. The site we used to determine this is

Here you can select the Country and City you need the time setup for to determine the GMT difference. After you have inputted this click on the apply button.

Step 5: Now we want to set the system for Daylight Savings Time. Here we can set by date and time of Day Light Savings for your State and Location. Typically you can set the week to make it easier.


For start time we will select March 2nd (which means the second week of march) On Sunday. The time can be left at 1:00 a.m.

Step 6: End Time will be for Fall setting and here we will select November then 1st (first week of the month) and Sunday again leaving it at 1:00 am


Make sure the DST box is checked and go ahead and click apply.

Step 7:

For the NTP setting we have found it is best to set this to a different server than windows which is the default. We highly recommend the following website here:

For start time we will select March 2nd (which means the second week of march) On Sunday. The time can be left at 1:00 a.m.

Step 8: You can leave the port setting in the default.


Interval means how often it will contact the server to update the time. Unless you have specific needs we suggest you leave this at the default 60 minute internal. Now hit apply and your system Time is now setup.

Step 9: If you would like to verify the NTP is setup properly then you can hit manual update and you should receive the message Update Successful. If not you may need to configure the DVR or NVR to connect to your Business or Home network.